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Llicència de Creative Commons
Aquesta obra està subjecta a una llicència de Reconeixement-CompartirIgual 4.0 Internacional de Creative Commons



Meet me sitting on the edge of the cliff,

my feet dangling, I’m not affraid to fall.

All my senses await the call of the wind

and the sun will show me the mistery of

Apple smell colour.

I’ll lie down on your moss bed, under the clouds,

scented with the rain of your tears.

The moon caresses me, its light protects me,

takes away the shadows and flies me to my dreams.

And I dive into the fog, then sink into the sea

surrounded by coral and small fish…

Apple smell colour.

I’ll swim into the depths of the ocean:

the place where I want to sleep.


The crazy acrobat is not afraid of death

and makes fun of fate.

The crazy acrobat went to bed at dawn

and smoked too much with his friend, the clown.

Blindfolded and without a net he will make the trip

not trusting his soul without a business to keep

on a greasy wire under the great wild storm

and the watchful eye of vultures.

Greasy wire, great wild storm, watchful eye.

The crazy acrobat doesn’t drink to forget

He doesn’t have much life memories

The crazy acrobat is very brave

He has courage and bad luck

Today is gonna be a great day, today he will get his chance

He will wear his best costumes and will show the best of his smiles

on a greasy wire, under the great wild storm

and the watchful eye of vultures.

Greasy wire, great wild storm, watchful eye.

He must take the first step, don’t doubt.

He has to start with the left foot.

He has to find the right impulse

with the right strength

and then never look down.

Look ahead to the end.

And pushed by the drum roll

and the popular clamor

his eyes begin to mourn

– Think no more! –

He tells his friend, the clown

ninety meters to the ground

the taste of metal in his mouth.

The crazy acrobat sleeping on the street,

He has enough balance to survive.

The crazy acrobat, endless dreams

in a life of a circus star.

Blindfolded and without a net, he will make the trip,

he will wear his best costumesand will show the best of his smiles.

On a shiny wire

under the great circus tent

and the fearful eye of children.

Shiny wire, circus tent, fearful eye.


I search the light at the top of the mountain.

I walk unshod and I dont feel the pain.

I can hear your voice again

under the ethernal look of God.

I can’t find peace, I have a worm inside me.

He talk to me all night and wish to be released.

I can see our love scenes

in front the smile of the Devil.

In between God and the Devil.

After my penitence starts the onanism,

but my brain doesn’t listen, faith don’t blocks my senses.

I can touch and I can kiss,

I can think and I can kill.

Now I go over the streets,

I have blood in my hands.

Now I go over the streets…


I go down to the river in my mind.

I go down to the river, it’s so far.

Now I march through an unknown country

To defend the freedom in the trenches

but my eyes look at the river…

It’s so nice.

After the victory, I’ll return.

I don’t sleep and I’m a dreamer without peace.

I don’t touch you and I’m a lover without a kiss.

Shots bring down my soul friends,

bombs are deafening and cruel,

but in my head I hear your voice

singing to me.

After the victory, I’ll take care of you.


– Your tail moves when you lie. –

The rabbit tells the snake before he dies.

– You are the one who came to me,

busting into my lair.

Taken by the curiosity

you crossed the red line.

ssssss…. –

The sly squirrel, watching from the tree,

waiting in silence, to be or not to be.

The eagle flies over the forest

The fox can smell blood

The ferret wants to seize the moment

and the owl is the new

Robin Hood.

Hovering over the snake

in a fast and accurate flight

The smartest among prey

today, the owl is the hero

who saved the rabbit from death.

– Your smile shines you want to seduce me. –

Mr. Smith doubted before casting his vote.

– I will be transparent,

a model to be followed.

I represent real change,

the leader of the people.

ssssss…. –

The little bourgeois is happy with what he has.

He likes calm waters and is not up for risk.

Executives see opportunities,

the lobby has a plan,

technocracy claims its place

and the world needs a new

Robin Hood.

Firing their arrows

against decay.

Bringing hope.

Bringing all that

greed outburst

back to life.


Cold water runs and jumps,

It flows through tender grass.

There’s a world to discover,

children playing in the backyard:

they hide to reappear.

The child is now a boy.

A quick learner, changes in voice.

From rapids to waterfalls,

the young river churns its way,

not ever looking back.

Not looking back.

When the river crosses the valley,

it fears the inevitable sea

meandering to delay the end.

The taste of salt in its mouth.

The seagulls eat in its weak current.

A strange noise bumps against his heart.

Violently, It’s the last emotion.

A fresh wind, unknown fishes,

waves and waves and endless waves.


Sweat in the month of August,

in September the fruit arrives

tears appear in October,

in November the rain brings the cold.

In December, we’re stuck at home,

january is silent like snow

but I have you,

I have you.

Ice in the month of February,

great storms over the long March.

April opens its doors

and the sun warms up in May.

And you by my side,

you by my side

We’ll go to the river

june and July.